Table 4

Outcomes data, hypotension defined as SBP ≤90 mm Hg

Hypotensive patients (n=20)Normotensive patients (n=272)p Value
ICU admissions70%30.51%0.0008
ICU LOS (days)100.0002
Hospital LOS6.540.0011
Ventilator days000.0024*
Repeat hypotensive episodes85%48.53%0.0019
PRBC in first 24 hours20%3.69%0.0105
  • Data are presented as median or percent (patients).

  • *HP were found to have significantly higher ventilator days compared to NP based on the Mann-Whitney-Wilcoxon test despite equivalent medians. Detailed explanation is provided in the Methods section.

  • ICU, intensive care unit; LOS, length of stay; PRBC, packed red blood cells; SBP, systolic blood pressure.