Table 5

Multivariate predictors of a venous thromboembolism, patients 65 years and older

AOR95% CIp*
Model 7: any diabetes and adjustment for covariates
Any diabetes1.060.76 to 1.480.74
Multiple injuries1.741.28 to 2.36<0.001
Surgical procedure4.783.46 to 6.59<0.001
Placement of a central line1.761.15 to 2.710.01
Mechanical ventilation2.771.86 to 4.13<0.001
Model 8: IDDM and adjustment for covariates
IDDM1.250.72 to 2.170.43
Male1.481.10 to 1.980.01
Limb injuries†1.491.07 to 2.090.02
Multiple injuries1.541.10 to 2.170.01
Surgical procedure3.852.67 to 5.54<0.001
Placement of a central line1.821.14 to 2.910.01
Mechanical ventilation2.941.87 to 4.61<0.001
Model 9: NIDDM and adjustment for covariates
NIDDM0.980.66 to 1.450.91
Multiple injuries1.841.34 to 2.520.001
Surgical procedure5.013.59 to 7.01<0.001
Placement of a central line1.701.09 to 2.640.02
Mechanical ventilation2.721.80 to 4.10<0.001
  • *Significant p values (p<0.05) are displayed in bold.

  • †AIS≥2.

  • AIS, Abbreviated Injury Score; AOR, adjusted OR; IDDM, insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus; ISS, Injury Severity Score; NIDDM, non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.