Table 4

Multivariate analysis for the predictors of early death from exsanguination

exp(B)95% CI for exp(B)p Value
Age1.0261.009 to 1.0440.002
SBP0.9850.975 to 0.9950.003
RR1.0210.988 to 1.0550.211
HR1.0040.997 to 1.0110.257
Temperature0.2030.076 to 0.5430.001
GCS0.9380.870 to 1.0110.094
Abdominal injury3.5471.964 to 6.4090.000
NISS1.0631.044 to 1.0830.000
  • Nagelkerke’s R2=0.271.

  • GCS, Glasgow Coma Scale; HR, heart rate; NISS, New Injury Severity Score; RR, respiratory rate; SBP, systolic blood pressure.