Table 2

Representation on the Washington Emergency Medical services (EMS) and Trauma Steering Committee

OrganizationsNumber of representatives
American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma3
American College of Emergency Physicians3
Washington State Hospital Association (urban and rural representatives)2
WA Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics1
EMS Medical Program Directors1
Neurosurgery society1
Orthopedic society1
Neurology society1
Emergency cardiac and stroke system (one physician, one nurse)2
WA State Emergency Nurses Association1
WA State Nurses Association1
WA State Trauma Nurse Network1
Washington Fire Chiefs Association1
WA State Council of Fire Fighters2
WA State Fire Commissioner1
WA State Fire Fighter’s Association1
General EMS representative1
Association of Rehabilitation Facilities1
WA State Poison Control Center1
Law Enforcement – Washington State Patrol1
Washington Ambulance Association1
Association of Washington Cities1
Air Medical Services1
General public member1