Table 2

Demographic Data of Community Consultation participants and actual

CharacteristicsCC Group N=500 %Actual Participants N=26 %P value*
 Less than 18NA15NA
 Over 6518190.79
Respondent Ethnicity
 Caucasian/ White7635<0.01
 Latin American18<0.01
 Mixed Race2NANA
Respondent Educational Level
 Less than 9th Grade1NANA
 9th to 12th Grade5NANA
 High School Graduate19NANA
 Associate’s/ Technical/Vocational17NANA
 Bachelor’s Degree34NANA
 Post-graduate Degree20NANA
 Refused to Respond4NANA
Mechanism of Trauma
 Gunshot/ StabbingNA46NA
 Motor VehicleNA23NA
Within Prescribed Postal Code
 Participants by postal codes10027<0.01
  • *Chi square or Fisher’s exact test used when appropriate; p<0.05 considered statistically significant