Table 3

Comparison of patients that underwent delayed anastomosis managed according to the algorithm versus patients not managed according to the algorithm

No algorithmAlgorithmp
Age (years)39430.45
Comorbidity (%)1100.20
Male (%)63740.52
Injury severity score30210.01
Intra-op PRBCs (units)15.64.1<0.001
Admission Shock Index1.30.80.002
Admission BE (mEq/L)−10.6−4.70.007
Suture line failure (%)3240.03
Colon-related morbidity (%)58220.03
Colon-related mortality (%)1100.20
  • Admission Shock Index, admission systolic blood pressure/admission heart rate.

  • Abd-AIS , Abdominal Abbreviated Injury Scale; BE, base excess; PRBCs, packed red blood cells.