Table 3

Case series of patients with fasciotomies and compartment syndrome

PatientImmediate/delayed ORIFFasciotomy procedures (n)Timing of fasciotomy procedureTiming of compartment syndrome diagnosis
1Delayed1Prior to ORIFPrior to ORIF
2Delayed1With ORIFSame day as ORIF
3Delayed1With ORIFSame day as ORIF
4Delayed1With ORIFFasciotomy for impending compartment syndrome
5Delayed1Prior to ORIFPrior to ORIF
6Delayed1Prior to ORIFPrior to ORIF
7Delayed1Prior to ORIFPrior to ORIF
8Delayed1Prior to ORIFPrior to ORIF
9Immediate1With ORIFSame day as ORIF
10Immediate2First: with ORIF
Second: after ORIF
First fasciotomy for impending compartment syndrome; second for evolving compartment syndrome
11Immediate1With ORIFSame day as ORIF
12Immediate1With ORIFSame day as ORIF
13Immediate1With ORIFFasciotomy for extent of injury and likelihood of compartment syndrome
14Immediate1With ORIFFasciotomy for impending compartment syndrome
  • ORIF, open reduction internal fixation.