Table 4

Outcome of high-flow nasal cannula therapy at the intermediate care unit

Total, n=96
30-day mortality7 (7.3%)
  Treatment restrictions*5 (5.2%)
  No treatment restrictions2 (2.1%)
Transfer to the ICU, total24 (25.0%)
 Via operation room6 (6.3%)
 Directly, for18 (18.8%)
  Intubation12 (12.5%)
  NIV5 (5.2%)
  Continuation high-flow oxygen (+RRT)1 (1.0%)
  • This table shows the mortality and transfer to the ICU rate in the studied population. It shows the 30-day mortality as well as transfer to the ICU rate and indications for this ICU transfer.

  • *Oncologic (metastatic) patients or admissions for maximal supportive care at the IMCU (a no-ICU policy at admission).

  • ICU, intensive care unit; IMCU, intermediate care unit; NIV, non-invasive ventilation; RRT, renal replacement therapy.