Table 1

Demographics of all patients receiving uncrossmatched blood from ED refrigerator

Patients receiving any uncrossmatched red blood cells in the ED (n)158
Age, median (range)50 (16–91)
Sex97 male (61.4%)/
61 female (38.6%)
Penetrating26 (16.5%)
Massive transfusion protocol activations89 (56.3%)
 Trauma140 (88.6%)
 Gastrointestinal bleeds6 (3.8%)
 Abdominal aortic aneurysms5 (3.2%)
 Gynecology-related3 (1.9%)
 Medical anemia2 (1.3%)
 General surgery-related1 (0.6%)
 Ear, nose and throat-related1 (0.6%)
Injury Severity Score*, median (range)24 (2–75)
Glasgow Coma Scale score*, median (range)11 (3–15)
ED fridge units transfused (n)292
ED fridge units transfused (n), median (range)2.0 (1–6)
Total units transfused in 24 hours (n)1172
Total units transfused in 24 hours (n), median (range)4.0 (1–55)
Patients who received >10 units (n)37 (23.4%)
  • *Trauma patients only.

  • ED, emergency department.