Table 3

Abdominal and cardiac surgical procedures conducted in the first 6 hours on patients with hypotension

FAST(+) (n=75)FAST(-) (n=48)
ProcedureBlunt (n=56)Penetrating (n=19)Blunt (n=33)Penetrating (n=15)
Splenectomy or splenorrhaphy 283182
Temporary abdominal closure 299145
Abdominal packing 2711125
Liver procedure 191144
Hemostasis of liver laceration 13634
Perihepatic packing 8723
Ligation of hepatic artery/vein 3103
Lobectomy or wedge resection 2001
Gastrointestinal procedure 171296
Small bowel resection 12440
Small bowel repair 6622
Colon resection 5620
Colon repair 6022
Creation of stoma 0011
Gastric repair 1212
Suture of artery or vein 151122
Repair of diaphragm 4433
Repair of cardiac laceration 0313
Repair of bladder 2201
Partial resection of pancreas 2210
Cholecystectomy 2100
Nephrectomy or repair of kidney 1311
Vascular shunt placement 0001
  • Totals do not add up due to patients undergoing multiple procedures.

  • FAST, focused assessment with sonography for trauma.