Table 1

Characteristics of studies included in the meta-analysis of antibiotic vs placebo after chest drain insertion

ReferenceYearCountrySample sizeInjury typeAntibioticDuration
Grover13 1977USA75PenetratingClindamycin 300 mg six hourly>24 hours
Stone6 1981USA83Penetrating, bluntCefamandole 1 g six hourly>24 hours
LeBlanc5 1985USA52Penetrating, bluntCefadyl 1 g>24 hours
Mandal14 1985USA80PenetratingDoxycycline 100 mg 12 hourly>24 hours
LoCurto15 1986USA58Penetrating, bluntCefoxitin 1 g six hourly>24 hours
Brunner20 1990USA90Penetrating, bluntCefazolin six hourly>24 hours
Cant16 1993South Africa113PenetratingCefazolin 500 mg eight hourly24 hours
Nichols19 1994USA119Penetrating, bluntCefonicid 1 g per day>24 hours
Gonzalez17 1998USA139Penetrating, bluntCefazolin 1 g eight hourly>24 hours
Maxwell7 2004USA224Penetrating, bluntCefazolin 1 g eight hourly≥24 hours
Villegas Carlos18 2009Mexico126Penetrating, bluntCefazolin 1 g eight hourly>24 hours
Heydari12 2014Iran104BluntCefazolin 2 g24 hours