Table 3

Secondary outcomes

Study IDHospital stay (days)Duration of chest tube (days)Other outcomes
Grover13 Shorter hospital stayN/AAbx: less fever, positive pleural fluid and wound cultures
Stone6 8106Abx: lower positive pleural fluid and wound cultures
LeBlanc5 N/AN/AAbx: less overall infections
Mandal14 6.835.53.754.33
LoCurto15 6.610.35.43.8Placebo: 5 thoracotomies for empyema
Cant16 positive pleural fluid cultures
Placebo: 5 thoracotomies for sepsis
Nichols19 less fever, WBC count
Placebo: 1 thoracotomy for empyema
Gonzalez17 more chest tube reinsertion, pleural effusion
Maxwell7 7.94.6
Villegas Carlos18 N/A6.56
Heydari12 N/A6.8
  • Hospital stay and duration of chest tube are presented in mean number of days.

  • Abx, antibiotics; WBC, white blood cells.