Table 2

Comparison between EMTS tip location and radiograph tip location

A: Postprocedure EMTS tip location immediately after placement and radiograph tip location within 5 hours of placement
EMTS screen tip location immediately after placementRadiograph tip location within 5 hours* after placement
StomachPylorus regionSmall intestineTotal by EMTS
Pylorus region99
Small intestine2525
Total by radiograph2292758
B‡: EMTS tip location and radiograph tip location at the follow-up visit (12–49 hours after placement of the feeding tube)
EMTS screen tip location at follow-up visitRadiograph tip location at follow-up visitTotal by EMTS
StomachPylorus regionSmall intestine
Pylorus region134
Small intestine112426
Total by radiograph1852548
  • *The protocol allowed for a 5-hour window for radiographic confirmation of EFT placement to account for radiology’s schedule.

  • †Shaded values represent complete agreement between tip location according to the EMTS and radiography.

  • ‡Note that table 2B includes the 48 patients who had both EMTS and radiography evaluations at follow-up. The patient who had EMTS evaluation but not radiography is not included.

  • EFT, Enteral Feeding Tube; EMTS, ElectroMagnetic Tracking System.