Table 3

Multivariate regression analysis of predictors of vasopressor requirements and mortality

OR95% CIP value
Vasopressor requirements
 Low cortisol3.91.01 to 14.90.048
 ISS0.950.91 to 0.990.012
 Age0.980.95 to 1.020.32
 SBP10.99 to 1.020.63
 HR10.98 to 1.020.80
 Low cortisol4.31.28 to 14.20.018
 ISS0.90.90 to 0.970.001
 Age0.90.90 to 0.96<0.001
 SBP10.99 to 1.020.46
 HR10.97 to 1.010.31
  • ISS, injury severity score; SBP, systolic blood pressure; HR, heart rate.