Table 3

Transfusion rates by preoperative HCT level, period and site

PeriodHCT >38% or unknown†HCT 35.1%–38%HCT ≤35%
All sitesn837076341823151720752021
Transfused %2.5%1.4%***6.3%3.9%**22.6%18.0%***
Hospital An24382144464402677594
Transfused %2.8%1.6%**6.7%4.0%24.8%18.7%**
Hospital Bn29373071717580796791
Transfused %3.3%1.3%***8.1%3.8%**24.9%16.1%***
Hospital Cn29952419642535602636
Transfused %1.4%1.4%3.9%4.3%17.1%19.2%
  • **p<0.01; ***p<0.001 (change in period 2 was significant).

  • †13% of operations had unrecorded HCT with a disproportionate number of elective outpatient operations. These were classified as low transfusion risk, HCT >38%.

  • HCT, hematocrit.