Table 5

Protocol adherence according to severity and outcome of trauma patients, younger than 15 years between October 2017 and March 2018

AdherenceSevere patientP value
A08 (30.8)<0.0011
B6 (15.8)5 (19.2)0.7461
C22 (57.9)16 (61.5)0.7712
D35 (92.1)26 (100.0)0.2651
E3 (7.9)9 (34.6)0.0101
Vital data1 (2.6)01.0001
% adhesion29.441.00.0103
 LOS (days)4.4±10.10
 PICU (days)1.0±4.00
 Blood (bags)0.1±0.50
 MV time (days)0.2±1.20
  • Statistical tests: 1—Fisher’s exact test; 2—Pearson’s χ2 test; 3—Student's t-test.

  • Adherence column results represented by absolute number and mean in parentheses. Except for % adhesion. Per cent adhesion means average number of steps performed during primary survey.

  • Outcome column results represented by mean and SD.

  • ABCDE, trauma steps assessment (table 1); LOS, length of staying; MV, mechanical ventilation; PICU, pediatric intensive care unit.