Table 1

Demographics and injury distributions of treatment groups

PopulationLigation (n=394)Repair (n=820)P value
Gender (% male)90.588.60.3
Age (years)29±1130±130.14
SBP (%<90 mm Hg)27.624.70.36
Heart rate (beats per minute)111±29106±280.01
Glasgow Coma Scale13±413±40.31
Mechanism (% blunt)
Iliac vein injury count (%)139 (35)222 (27)<0.001
Femoral vein injury count (%)168 (43)383 (47)
Popliteal vein injury count (%)51 (13)163 (20)
Distal vein injury count (%)36 (9)52 (63)
  • Means listed with SD. Percentages of injury location are based on columns. Significant p values bolded.

  • ISS, injury severity score; SBP, Systolic Blood Pressure on Presentation.