Table 2

Gene ontology (GO) molecular functions significantly enriched after valproic acid treatment

GO term# proteins (DE/all)P value
GTP binding18/510.002
GTPase activity14/380.003
Structural constituent of ribosome9/200.004
Clathrin adaptor activity4/50.004
Ionotropic glutamate receptor binding3/30.005
Organic anion transmembrane transporter activity6/120.01
Active transmembrane transport activity11/270.02
Drug transmembrane transporter activity4/70.021
Hexosyl transferase activity4/70.021
6-phosphofructokinase activity2/20.031
Malate dehydrogenase activity2/20.031
Calcium-transporting ATPase activity2/20.031
Voltage-gated anion channel activity2/20.031
Oxaloacetate decarboxylase activity2/20.031
Porin activity2/20.031
G protein-coupled serotonin receptor binding2/20.031
Angiostatin binding2/20.031
Alpha-glucosidase activity2/20.031
Purine ribonucleotide binding47/1780.033
Isocitrate dehydrogenase activity3/50.042
GTP-dependent protein binding3/50.042
Potassium ion binding3/50.042
  • # proteins are the number of proteins differentially expressed in this proteomic data set out of the total number of proteins that contribute to that GO term. P value represents the corrected p value after Elim pruning.