Table 3

Predictive models of significant injury, transfusion, and Injury Severity Score ≥16 in our cohort based on the stepwise logistic regressions that were performed

ModelsOR95% CI
Model for injury
 Prehospital hypotension0.400.19 to 0.81
Prehospital SI >12.011.02 to 3.98
 Age0.980.97 to 0.99
 Penetrating trauma0.310.15 to 0.62
 Alcohol use0.480.26 to 0.88
Model for transfusion
 Prehospital hypotension0.280.13 to 0.63
Prehospital SI >15.142.49 to 10.60
 Age1.011.01 to 1.03
 ED hypotension3.842.14 to 6.89
 Model for ISS ≥16
Prehospital hypotension0.280.13 to 0.60
Prehospital SI >13.101.53 to 6.25
 Male gender1.931.19 to 3.12
 Penetrating trauma0.240.11 to 0.48
 ED hypotension1.871.07 to 3.27
  • ED, emergency department; ISS, Injury Severity Score; SI, shock index.