Table 5

Comparison of outcomes in patients with multiple rib fractures based on use of ON-Q catheter for continuous intercostal nerve blockade, excluding patients with rib fixation

ON-Q catheter (CATH)
No ON-Q catheter (STD)
P value
 30-day hospital-free days16.7±6.5112.2±10.050.005
 90-day hospital-free days75.1±13.8360.8±29.470.001
 ICU-free days4.7±3.836.3±6.090.09
 Ventilator-free days8.9±4.3310.2±8.790.29
 Unplanned intubation (%)2 (5.3)6 (7.9)0.72
 Failed extubation (%)3 (7.9)8 (10.5)0.75
 Required tracheostomy (%)2 (5.3)15 (19.7)0.04
 Pneumonia (%)2 (5.3)14 (18.4)0.06
 Hospital mortality (%)1 (2.6)12 (15.8)0.04
 Rib fracture complication* (%)6 (15.8)28 (36.8)0.02
  • Results shown as mean±SD unless otherwise noted.

  • Estimates from Pearson’s χ2 and independent t-test for categorical and continuous variables, respectively.

  • *Either unplanned intubation, failed extubation, pneumonia, tracheostomy requirement, or hospital mortality.

  • CATH, patients with multiple rib fractures managed with continuous intercostal nerve blockade; ICU, intensive care unit; STD, patients with multiple rib fractures managed without continuous intercostal nerve blockade.