Table 6

Comparison of opioid analgesic requirements in patients with multiple rib fractures based on use of ON-Q catheter for continuous intercostal nerve blockade

Analgesic requirements (oral morphine equivalents)ON-Q catheter (CATH)No ON-Q catheter (STD)P value
All patientsCATH (n=48)STD (n=96)
 Total for hospitalization2741±19603429±42510.19
  Prior to ON-Q placement1265±1284
  After ON-Q placement1477±1247
Six or more rib fracturesCATH (n=39)STD (n=44)
 Total for hospitalization2641±19904900±54430.01
Bilateral rib fracturesCATH (n=15)STD (n=46)
 Total for hospitalization3292±23174660±52590.17
Three or more flail segmentsCATH (n=15)STD (n=16)
 Total for hospitalization3569±26715678±58340.21
  • Results shown as mean±SD unless otherwise noted.

  • Estimates from independent t-test.

  • CATH, patients with multiple rib fractures managed with continuous intercostal nerve blockade; STD, patients with multiple rib fractures managed without continuous intercostal nerve blockade.