Table 2

Multivariate logistic regression analysis for first pass success without hypoxemia among trauma patients requiring emergent tracheal intubation

Adjusted OR95% CIP value
 Succinylcholine2.11.2 to 3.80.014
 No hypoxemia prior to RSIReference
 Hypoxemia prior to RSI1.70.5 to 6.10.395
GCS score
 13–151.81.0 to 3.30.049
Head or facial injury
 No head or facial injuryReference
 Head or facial injury1.30.7 to 2.20.445
Level of training
 PGY 1–2Reference
 PGY 3 or greater1.10.6 to 1.80.867
  • Hypoxemia=SpO2< 90%. Hypoxemia prior to RSI=most recent SpO2 obtained before the RSI medications were administered.

  • GCS, Glasgow Coma Scale; NMBA, neuromuscular blocking agent; RSI, rapid sequence intubation.