Table 2

Examples of geriatric care gap analysis

Geriatric trauma management guidelineMetPartially metUnmetPriorityComments
Trauma registry criteria include same height falls.
Geriatric trauma management activation protocol is documented.
Geriatric specific resuscitation guidelines are documented.
Geriatric guidelines address the changes in the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS), and dementia assessment is documented.
Specific lab values for geriatric trauma resuscitations are documented.
Pain management guidelines for geriatric trauma patients are documented.
Specific precautions to prevent hypothermia and skin injury are documented.
Time frames for frailty assessment are documented.
Capacity assessment guidelines are documented.
Goals of care are documented in the phases of care.
Prognostic tools are available to assist in documentation.
Guidelines include assessment, interventions, and reversal agents for anticoagulation management, as well as restarting therapy after operative interventions.
Medical management and reconciliation guidelines define when and how often this is completed and documented.
Beers criteria are included in the medication management
Guideline includes geriatric trauma intensive care unit admission criteria and is documented.
  • *Adapted from the updated American College of Surgeons Trauma Quality Improvement Project Geriatric Trauma Management Best Practice Guideline, currently submitted for publication.