Table 3

Patients ‘virtually’ discharged after VFC review during second audit

InjuryPatients (n)Proportion of all (n=302) %
Misdiagnosed fracture (eg, contusion)31.0
Acromioclavicular luxation Tossy type 1 or 220.7
Avulsion/minor fracture of the finger51.7
Avulsion/minor fracture of a metacarpal bone31.0
Avulsion fracture of the ankle10.3
Avulsion fracture after luxation of a toe31.0
Bicycle spoke injury31.0
Primary dislocation of the shoulder155.0
Mason type 2 radial head fracture10.3
Salter-Harris type 1 or 2 fracture of the distal radius20.7
Salter-Harris type 1 fracture of the proximal humerus10.3
Volar plate injury20.7
  • VFC, virtual fracture clinic.