Table 4

Recidivism for new injury resulting from violence, crime or victimization, stratified by non-violent traumatic injury vs. violent traumatic injury (with and without service use)

All patients (n=1231)VOCARP service use?Non-violent traumatic injury control group
P value*
Yes (n=1019)No
Recidivism for trauma from crime/victimization
 Yes135 (9.4%)111 (10.9%)18 (8.5%)6 (3%)0.33
 Time to recidivism (days)264.4±249.7236.7±227.5300.4±249.5669.8±318.3<0.001
Recidivism rates by mechanism of injury
 GSW12 (4.5%)4 (5.1%)0.83
 Stabbing7 (11.1%)1 (6.7%)0.61
 Physical assault65 (14.1%)9 (10.7%)0.40
 Sexual assault1 (2.4%)2 (11.8%)0.14
 Domestic violence17 (21.5%)2 (16.7%)0.70
 Human/animal bite1 (5%)
 MVC/MCC0 (0%)
 Other intentional vehicular assault3 (6.8%)0 (0%)0.59
 Other5 (26.3%)0 (0%)0.41
  • *P values represent univariate statistical comparisons between VOCARP service users and non-users.

  • GSW, gunshot wound; MCC, motorcycle collision; MVC, motor vehicle collision; VOCARP, Victims of Crime Advocacy and Recovery Program.