Table 1

Randomized controlled trials of gabapentinoids

StudyYearSetting/designInclusion criteriaPatient numberAge (years)Intervention groupsGabapentinoid dosing regimenOutcomesFollow-up
Zheng et al302015Single center RCT>5% TBSA, second degree burn, >80% healed or healed within 3 months5818 to 60
  1. Gabapentin

  2. Cetirizine

  3. Placebo

Gabapentin 300 mg twice dailyPruritus VAS28 days
Ahuja et al222013Single center RCT>5% TBSA, 80% epithelialized or healed within 1 month8018 to 60Four groups:
  1. Antihistamine

  2. Pregabalin and antihistamine

  3. Placebo

  4. Pregabalin

Pregabalin varied with severity of pruritus:
Mild—75 mg twice daily
Moderate—75 mg three times a day
Severe—150 mg twice daily
Pruritus VAS28 days
Ahuja et al212011Single center RCT>5% TBSA, 80% epithelialized or healed within 1 month6012 to 70Three groups:
  1. Cetirizine

  2. Gabapentin

  3. Combination cetirizine and gabapentin

Gabapentin varied with severity of pruritus:
Mild—300 mg once daily
Moderate— 300 mg twice daily
Severe—300 mg three times a day
Pruritus VAS28 days
Gray et al242011Single center RCTAdmitted to burn unit, >5% TBSA9018 to 65
  1. Pregabalin

  2. Placebo

Pregabalin 75 mg twice daily, titrated up to 150 mg twice daily or 300 mg twice daily based on clinical responseNPS (includes itch score 0 to 10)
Procedural pain score 0 to 10
4-point side effect scale
28 days
  • NPS, Neuropathic Pain Scale; QOL, quality of life; RCT, randomized controlled trial; TBSA, total body surface area.