Table 2

Observational studies of gabapentinoids

StudyYearSetting/designInclusion criteriaPatient numberAge (years)Intervention groupsDosing regimenOutcomesFollow-up
Kneib et al262019Single center retrospective cohort studyAdmitted to burn unit, complained of itch411>14Use of neuropathic pain protocol.
Analyzed by group:
  1. Gabapentin at <72 hours

  2. Gabapentin >72 hours

  3. No gabapentin

Gabapentin 300 mg once daily increased every 2 days if NRS≥5 to max 900 mg three times a dayMorphine equivalent dose
Total gabapentin use
Pain and itch NRS
Short Form-12 survey
24 months
Nieuwendijk et al282018Single center prospective observational studyIn burn ward or outpatient clinic, complained of itch413<13Not protocolized. Mixture of no treatment, gabapentin, and antihistamineGabapentin 5 mg/kgItch Man Scale 0 to 4
Itch NRS (0 to 10)
1 week to 3 months
Kaul et al252018Single center retrospective observational studyPruritus or neuropathic pain on gabapentinoid1360 to 20Gabapentin only or in combination with pregabalinVarious gabapentin doses used from 50 mg three times a day to 1200 mg three times a day. Pregabalin 50 mg to 100 mg three times a day added if inadequate response to gabapentin.Retrospective review to describe effective dose of drugsUnclear
Zachariah et al112012Single center prospective observational studyBurn 6 weeks to 2 years old, pruritus with failure of cetirizine and emollients234 to 60Gabapentin added if cetirizine inadequateAdults—gabapentin 100 mg twice daily, increased to max 300 mg three times a day
Children—5 mg/kg twice daily to max 5 mg/kg three times a day
Itch severity scale (7 to 21 points)6 months
Goutos et al142010Single center prospective observational studyWithin 72 hours of injury, admitted to burn unit, sense of itch and urge to scratch91Adults and childrenTwo consecutive protocols. Gabapentin introduced early or late, compared with pre-protocol data.Adult 300 mg once daily titrated to 300 mg three times a day over 3 days
Children 5 mg/kg once daily titrated to 5 mg/kg three times a day over 3 days
Itch Man Scale 0 to 4Unclear. Only inpatient data.
Mendham et al272004Single center prospective observational studyItching burn wound, admitted to burns unit35ChildrenGabapentin (no comparator or control)5 mg/kg three times a day to max 5 mg/kg twice daily plus 10 mg/kg nocteStaff or parent reporting of itch reductionUnclear. Some followed up for 18 months.
  • NRS, Numeric Rating Scale.