Table 1

Demographic characteristics of all patients who underwent LC+LCBDE and ERCP followed by LC (ERCP+LC)

VariableLC+LCBDEERCP+LCP value
Age (years)51 (27–66)58 (32–75)0.11
BMI (kg/m2)31 (27–37)30 (27–36)0.6
AST (IU/L)119 (54–236)59 (32–88)<0.01
ALT (IU/L)130 (64–311)139 (84–262)0.87
Alk Phos (U/L)133 (91–171)132 (95–158)0.98
T Bili (mg/dL)1.5 (0.9–2.7)1.2 (0.8–1.9)0.33
Preoperative diagnosis (%)<0.01
 Preoperative symptomatic cholelithiasis72
 Gallstone pancreatitis1528
 Other diagnosis30
Duration of operation (hours)2.8 (2.3–3.3)2.0 (1.5–2.4)<0.01
Length of stay (hours)48 (33–72)86 (70–110)<0.01
Nighttime surgery42%N/AN/A
Successful bile duct exploration70%N/AN/A
  • Data presented as median and IQR.

  • Alk Phos, alkaline phosphatase; ALT, alanine transaminase; AST, aspartate transaminase; BMI, body mass index; ERCP, endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography; LC+LCBDE, laparoscopic cholecystectomy with laparoscopic common bile duct exploration; T Bili, total bilirubin.