Table 3

Canadian Syncope Risk Score

CategoryRisk factorsPoints
Clinical evaluationPredisposition to vasovagal symptoms−1
History of heart disease*1
Any systolic blood pressure reading <90 or >180 mm Hg2
InvestigationsElevated troponin level (>99th percentile)2
Abnormal QRS axis (<−30° or >100°)1
QRS duration >130 ms1
Corrected QT interval >480 ms2
Diagnosis in the EDVasovagal syncope−2
Cardiac syncope2
Total scoreVery low risk: −3 to −2
Low risk: −1 to 0
Medium risk: 1–3
High risk: 4–5
Very high risk: 6–11
  • The risk factors included in the Canadian Syncope Risk Score and their associated points that categorize patients into groups from very low risk to very high risk of serious adverse outcomes after 30 days.

  • *History of heart disease includes coronary or valvular heart disease, cardiomyopathy, heart failure and non-sinus rhythm on ECG (ECG evidence during index visit or documented history of ventricular or atrial arrhythmias, or device implantation).

  • ED, emergency department.