Table 2

Exploration of factors associated with an anastomotic leak in primary repair

Unadjusted RRp-valueAdjusted RR*p-value
Technique of anastomosis (staples)0.72(0.36, 1.44)0.3500.73(0.37, 1.50)0.375
First surgery being a DCS2.72(1.3, 5.69)0.0082.33(1.11, 5.28)0.033
Hospital day of surgery1.14(0.87, 1.48)0.3431.08(0.77, 1.36)0.565
  • * Adjusted for age, sex, injury severity score, presence of ≥ 1 comorbidities, presentation with shock, having transfusion of >6 packed red blood cells of and the site of injury